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Vanity Abbeville 36" Vessel

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On sale: $1,095.00 $829.00
The Benton Collection plantation-inspired, cottage-style sink cabinet will add casual elegance to any bathroom decor. This shutter-style door with distressed teal blue finish bathroom vanity will offer a look that will create a relaxing retreat in any home. These Abbeville series vanity marks the Cottage style vanity from the Florida Keys to any casual relax décor across the atmosphere
Part Number: CF-78886BU
Availability: Store Only
- Type: Freestanding
- Sink: Single
Size: 36" (36" W x 21.5" D x 32" H)
- Color: Blue
- Cabinet is made of wood, white 
marble counter top with porcelain vessel, faucet set
- Mirror: No
- Back splash is optional

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