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A vintage soul to praise ceramics, lace and wallpaper. Gradient colors and water reliefs join in polished enamels with a handmade appearance uniting creativity and tradition. Maiolica is a versatile collection that combines style, subtleness and charm thanks to its great combination possibilities
Part Number: RT-MAIOLICA
Availability: Store Only

- Sizes: 3" x 6" / 3" x 12" / 4" x 10"

- Colors: Maiolica White - Maiolica Biscuit - Maiolica Aqua - Maiolica Tender Gray - Maiolica Blue Steel - Maiolica Taupe

             Maiolica White DECO Maiolica Biscuit DECO Maiolica Aqua DECO Maiolica Tender Gray DECO

             Maiolica White Crackled Maiolica Biscuit Crackled - Maiolica Aqua Crackled - Maiolica Tender Gray Crackled - Maiolica Blue Steel Crackled - Maiolica Taupe Crackled

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